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Corporate Membership and Sponsorship Opportunities

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We are excited to offer you brand new sponsorship opportunities here at Cainhoe Wood Golf Club. Since the takeover of the club at end of 2019 by John O’Leary, it has undergone a huge amount of refurbishment both on and off the course. We now have a thriving membership and were named in Golf Shakes top 5 most improved courses in the country for 2022. We feel now is the right time to offer great value to your businesses through sponsorship and hope you will come on this exciting journey with us!
We have a range of Corporate Membership Programs as well as individual Sponsorship opportunities available that can Showcase Your Business.


Hole Sponsorship
Your sign will be displayed on our brand-new Hole Signage, soon to be installed.  This will be seen by a huge number of people every day, with numbers reaching more than 300 golfers at Peak Times of the year  This is available for both the Manor and Castle courses, with your choice of design (in conjunction with our Sign makers).
Sign Size:  104 x 800mm

Price: £500 per hole per annum

Driving Range Sponsorship
Your signs will take pride of place on one of the soon to be refurbished Driving Range Bays.  You will have 2 large signs, one on each side of the bay, that will be able to catch the eyes of a huge number of people every day.  This is available at great value, with 25 bays available to showcase your local business.
Sign Size:  1220 x 800mm (x2)

Price: £750 per bay per annum

Website Sponsorship
Alongside the hole or driving range sponsorships, you will receive a space on our Sponsor's Board (Located Above).  This will show a picture of your Company Logo, and when clicked, will take the user directly to your website.  Averaging 3500 visitors per month, this will be a great way to spread your business name around the local area.

Price: £50 per business per annum

Rolling TV adverts on Screens Around the Club
We currently have three screens (more to be added soon) around the clubhouse in key areas that play a video reel on continuous loop. It has flyovers of the course with adverts in between for sponsors businesses. These are on roughly a 30min loop, so this will get played around 30 times throughout the day, giving plenty of exposure for advertisers. 

Price: £100 per advert per annum

Premium Sponsorship Opportunities - Price on Application
Located at the heart of the golf club, our Premium Sponsorship Locations are the Putting Green and Starter's Hut.  These will  be seen by golfers on playing either course, as well as guests using the Restaurant overlooking the course.  These are a great place for you to showcase your business to a huge volume of people.

Putting Green
The Large Putting Green sign will be attached to the White Fence right opposite the entrance to the Castle Lounge.  This will be seen by every golfer as they start and finish their round, as well as anyone who uses the Castle Lounge.  Only 1 space available!
Sign Size:  3000 x 750mm

Starters Hut
The Starters Hut is a central location to the start of every golfers round.  Every Golfer is required to report to the Starters hut before their rounds to check in with the starter, so this will also be seen by a huge number of people.  Only 1 space Available!
Sign Size:  2000 x 750

Driving Range
We have a some new premier spots on the driving range coming in the next few weeks. These include a large sign on the front of the range, viewable to every golfer and ranger user, plus some unique opportunities for large signage in and on the range. If interested, please get in contact using the email address at the bottom of the page.  

Corporate Packages
Our Corporate packages offer the best compromise between Golf and Sponsorship.  Available with either 5 or 7 day playing rights, you will be able to advertise your business through the Driving Range, Website and a Hole on the course, as well as have 4 Memberships available to you (Larger Packages available on Request).  You will have 14 day booking rights, the same as a regular member, plus you can use the memberships how you wish.  Whether it is for Directors, Staff, Customers or Family, 4 people at any one time can use the course and enjoy a round of golf.  You will also receive 10% off in our bar on all food and drinks.  What could be better?

5 Day Option – 4 x 5 day playing rights, Hole and Range Sponsorship + Website - £3200 (+VAT)
7 Day Option – 4 x 7 day playing rights, Hole and Range Sponsorship + Website - £3750 (+VAT)


Are you interested in joining our Sponsors?

Simply email us on to enquire now!
For more information, including costs, find out more in our Brochure HERE.

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